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Subject: Your friend ask you for s*x what would u do?
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zulux 9/7/2006 - 7:34:09
Your friend ask u for s*x what would u do? *

rudygal2 11/16/2006 - 6:40:42
Luk at him.Dan kiss hm gentle on da cheek n say it wud mess up our frndship.Coz s*x wit emotions whch cnt b controlld by u... *

mmanare 11/28/2006 - 6:34:59
I wud tel him that no matter how desparate i am, i'll never sleep with him.... 4 the sake of our friendship *

intikuma 11.06.08 - 01:31am
If dat's d case, i'll let him knw dat.s*x is nt d bst thing dt will mk d chain of our rlatioshp stronger, instead it weak it. *

pp32 21.07.08 - 09:51pm
I'll let him no u'r frenship is 2 important to mess up by havin s*x. *

bellee 6.10.08 - 12:59am
It wont be a good idea we friends not lovers after all. *

jeanjoyc 6.10.08 - 01:28am
Id look hm up in the eye and tell hm that our friendshp too valuable to be wastd on s*x *

habz2 7.11.08 - 03:58am
U convince him 2 wait, even though sam men r difficult.. *

liz1707 25.11.08 - 09:22pm
I will get angry, why because for me FRIENDSHIP is sacred relation deal with emotions and respect s*x is no matter in friendship s*x in friendship is unrespect to each other...s*x is advisable only for a married couple is not only for pleasure... *

sonni 20.08.09 - 11:43am
i wont trust im or be comfy again wit im *

mnico 12.09.11 - 02:48pm
Its depends maybe yo frnd z da love of yo lyf.mayb its way 2 break da ice.its posble dat u both hav strong feelings 4 each ada bt u scared of ruining yo frndship if u expres yo feelings.it worth da risk bt b careful *

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