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Subject: s*x
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brian432 14.02.09 - 07:21am
Is it possible 2 hav s*x first tym u meet? *

samodela 19.02.09 - 11:42am
No its not proper bcos U dnt realy knw ur partner & mreover s*x is 4 marrd couples. *

pearl27 19.02.09 - 05:32pm
Gues if u've been wantin 2 get with sum1 n that person s into u 2 then ya its possible lol! *

wanday 22.04.09 - 10:04am
If u ar wilin 2 get laid dat much u wld go 4 it. *

sonni 20.08.09 - 11:32am
NO its nt that wil show that u r easy goer *

mnico 26.11.11 - 08:31pm
yah u can do it if u trust n luv dat person n if u fil dat dat person is rily turning u on *

kethy 6.05.12 - 06:18am
I thnk its better 2 do s*x afta u get maried *

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