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Subject: Why do we cheat?
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zulux 7/12/2006 - 6:53:59
Is it just bcause we dont get enough attention or we are not sure about our lovers... *

tatenda 7/14/2006 - 12:08:26
why we cheat good question i think its a question wit no valued answer bt all i'll say is sometimes we do things wit out thinking we just become selfish greed thats all and i knw we tend 2 regart everything *

pp32 22.07.08 - 03:14am
I read oncthat there r 5 reasons 1.boredom 2.revenge 3.fear 4.lonking for something 5.jealousy *

bluswet 4.09.08 - 11:45am
Sometimes u js dont get enaf antention from ur lover *

maynah 24.09.08 - 07:52am
Its Just because human beings are always looking out 4 new challenges men especially then the other issues follow *

bellee 6.10.08 - 01:03am
I agree with the person who say we dont get enuf attention 4rm our partnes &yes jelousy is one of da thngs *

jeanjoyc 6.10.08 - 01:31am
U cnt say its jealousy i believe we al have a beta part of self cntrol i gues its a filin of nt being satisfied with da partner *

lezcol 16.10.08 - 05:03pm
Personaly,iv only cheatd bcoz i found sam1 hu does it beta 4me..i gt bord with th same old routine.. *

habz2 4.11.08 - 02:03pm
Lol Some times we don even ve reason 4 cheatin. *

amanv 11.12.08 - 05:22am
There are different reasons for different people..Some cheat coz they r nt satisfied wid their partners..Some people feel its a pride to have many gfs or bfs..Some do that for success..But to avoid it both partners should trust and respect each other.. *

zips786 31.12.08 - 12:06pm
the main reason would be the unavailability of your patner.patners need to be together almost all the time *

brian432 17.02.09 - 10:49am
The bembas say abanakashi bomfwa ubufi an ths sayin is 92.1% true. *

pearl27 19.02.09 - 05:25pm
Once a man got problems in a relationship they go look 4 sum1 else even b4 they end the relationship! Instead of dealin with the problem *

wanday 22.04.09 - 10:09am
We do it 4 dif reasins but i tink boredom top d list,we always get beta tings. *

sonni 20.08.09 - 11:28am
i agree wit u who says its cz u don get enough attention *

mnico 12.09.11 - 02:28pm
Its sothing u teach yoself 2 do.its habitual but u can control it.pple are not satisfied with what they have.u neva realiz dat ure havng a gud thng until u luz it *

mnico 12.09.11 - 02:37pm
Some pple ar neva rerious e.g most females lyk fun n scared of commitnent.once she see da u guy ure serious they dump u.dats why they nid married man coz they do it 4 fun no strings attached *

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