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Subject: how can u tell
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nary101 1/12/2007 - 10:36:56
how can u tell he/she is cheating *

dorian89 4/13/2007 - 4:49:21
if a man dont talk with u alot...or seem boring thats a sign...if a woman start to dress betta seem more happy then u eva seen her...thats a sign *

dimi.so 22.12.07 - 02:44am
u can neva reali tell all u can do is depend on honesty n if there's something which is makin u think that ur partner is cheatin u should confront him or her n dont jus go off suspicious *

mp23 19.04.08 - 10:10pm
By d way he wil behave 2 u..U fil mising on him *

jeanjoyc 6.10.08 - 02:00am
I agree with dimi.so *

breshie 27.12.08 - 09:08pm
Wen he stops caling,caring,showing lv,starts goin 2 gym,dresin up,coming late,bila vyb *

mnico 15.09.11 - 02:40pm
Listen 2 dat smal voice dat tels u dat dez sumtyng wrong.as 4 m i cn feel if dez sumtyng wrong in my relationshp.i easily pic *

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