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Subject: Hw do u get ova a heartbreak?
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rudygal2 12/12/2006 - 5:49:09
Hw does a gal or guy get ova a heartbreak? *

hatchman 3/14/2007 - 1:34:13
It takes time! Keep your head high. *

dorian89 4/13/2007 - 4:44:59
you...first remember why u got your heart broken..then u talk to someone about it...then u go out and find dat real person *

used2be 7/27/2007 - 10:25:48
u dnt evr gt ovr it reali,it jst gts easier. maroon5 says it perfctly'i've bn here b4,1day u'll wake up nd it wnt hurt nemre' *

kevyne 8/28/2007 - 5:05:12
Shut da door behind u,open da door infront then Hit back by a sweet revenge *

toriska 8/31/2007 - 5:18:04
Break ups are hard to deal with as long u dont go to make ups. we all go through it. it takes time *

kirk01 9/21/2007 - 12:23:10

dimi.so 22.12.07 - 02:03am
Yes i sincerely agree time is z key component in gettin over a heart break n z second most important thing is u without z motivation n drive from u 2 get over it then no matter z amount of time u spend tryin 2 get ova it u will neva truly move on *

ssylollo 15.04.08 - 10:39am
PPLE Y DO U SAY SO wn hrt brkn da 1 hu did it shd neva c dat u r wk by hm avn brkn ua hrt. Mv on lt hm c dt he med a mistk letn u go bt dn go bck GUES Y? *

mp23 22.04.08 - 11:35pm
It hurts bt dnt let ur lyf b ruin by dt l0v u've gven 2 him/her..Try agen 2 open ur heart wid sum1 cz lyf is w0ndrful if u kn0w hw 2 aprec8 it.. *

lonely4e 11.06.08 - 02:54pm
ppl say time has is own way of healing but it is not true.1st tym i fell in luv is 13 yrs ago,broke up after 5yrs.i still remember every moment of it..i feel always a heartache wen i think of it.time can heal it?never... *

bluswet 4.09.08 - 11:24am
U can get over a broken only if u blv u can. *

bluswet 4.09.08 - 11:28am
The journey to love isnt a straight line, and thats what makes it so much fun. So dont mend a broken heart, move on and let it go. *

jeanjoyc 6.10.08 - 01:41am
I agree with u just mv ahead maybe ur partner wasnt da ryt 1 4 u *

cindey25 11.12.08 - 08:38pm
As long as the person broke ur heart theres nothin 2 get ova 4 gal,definitely not 4 da person who broke it.u dnt FALL in luv but GROW STRONG in luv. *

vumbi 2.05.09 - 07:36am
Learn frm it. NEVA giv any1 Ur heart. Accept dat da gud tyms cm 2pass. Enjoy them whn they r here. If he/she hurts U 1ce he/she wil do it again. Dont let him/her cause however nice the past tyms, its not worth da future. Rem Da beautiful ones hv not been born. Open Ur eyes n U wl be shoked at hw many others admire n wd lv 2take gud care of U. All in all, let the go n make new memories. *

sonni 20.08.09 - 11:36am
u don get over it u jaz pretend 2 n then u get used 2 it until u find sam1 2 heal it *

mnico 12.09.11 - 02:58pm
Its nt a 1 day thn.its realy hard takes tym.we most of da tym giv our hearts 2 da wrong pple n neglect da very persn whu truely luv u @ da end we get hurted.we do learn 4rm doz mistakes n it realy makes a beta persn as fa as relationshps ar concend *

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