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zulux 12/10/2006 - 4:17:45
Is it right to have more than one s*xual partner!? *

dorian89 4/13/2007 - 4:51:49
it depends...on da person. *

used2be 7/27/2007 - 10:28:58
dnt knw if its rite bt me myslf got caught up in tht,fll inlove whle bng wth sum1 else.jst meant i got mre thn tht was cming my way lol *

dimi.so 22.12.07 - 02:12am
me personally dnt think its right 4 me 2 love some1 means something like s*x should b secluded 2 only that person thats wat makes her special n stand out above z rest (n some more things) n its dangerous cuz protection is not a 100 percent certainty *

nikan 19.08.08 - 07:24am
I do agri with dimi. Having mre than one s*x partner is unravelle and it shows yo level of cheapness. There r also risks of that. STD's and many athas. I would stick 2 one partner and who i trust. *

bluswet 4.09.08 - 11:44am
I dont agree wit at all. More risky plus u re exposing ur self to STD wich will lead to AIDS *

jeanjoyc 6.10.08 - 01:33am
I agree with nikan and also have self cntrol *

sonni 20.08.09 - 12:16pm
thats shows how cheap n low one is *

billybig 6.01.10 - 11:19am
Hi bluesweat! I agre wit you. I do it a few time but i always use condom. If i was together wit you so do i never meet any else. But did i meet you so heve i rely wanna you you are so s*xy *

billybig 23.07.10 - 04:02pm
Hi i wanna you are so s*xy *

mnico 12.09.11 - 03:19pm
It differs wth pple bt i dont lyk it *

kethy 11.05.12 - 04:07am
I dnt knw wy pipo d dat only 1 prtna s engh *

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